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Bathroom Remodeling

The Duramax Design Team are experts in Interior remodeling, especially bathroom remodeling. We have 10+ years of work experience with customers throughout the state of Kansas. Duramax Design Team has designed ALL types of bathrooms. Duramax can design your bathroom with stone or any type of material you want. The Design Team, will help you pick out the best look and materials for your bathroom remodel. Duramax Construction & Roofing have the best prices when it comes to the bathroom remodeling. We do not ask for any money down.

Kitchen Remodeling

Duramax Construction & Roofing specializes in  improvement projects for people in the City of Salina, Kansas and all around Kansas. We strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience when home interior remodeling in Salina. Our years of experience, professional designers, architects and project managers will make your home remodeling project a pleasure. We also have a wonderful crew of designers and carpenters helping to create your dream. We would love to make you happy. Our goal is simple, we want to make our clients happy long term. 

Commercial Remodeling

We offer commercial interior remodeling such as multi-family, hotels and more. We have the man power to do so. No job is too big for Duramax Construction & Roofing. Commercial interior remodeling may be a bigger job but it is no different when it comes to our quality of work or efficiency at which we perform. Duramax Construction & Roofing is a team of professionals ready to help your project become a reality. We take no shortcuts in our work. If the owner sees something he doesn’t like or you the client doesn’t like. Then we will correct it with no additional charges.


Duramax Construction & Roofing is a team of professionals ready to install on all types of projects. Our Drywall Team installs on Multi-Family, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, and more.