We have our own gutter machine to make any length of gutters




Gutter Team

Duramax Construction & Roofing specializes in custom guttering for Residential or Commercial jobs. Duramax has done a variety of jobs on both residential homes and commercial buildings. We usually end up doing gutters for a majority of our roofing jobs, but it depends on what the owner wants. We check your gutters properly and make sure they are actually damaged before replacing them and waisting your time and money. Duramax Construction & Roofing are a team of professionals and every team member apart of Duramax, has a 10+ years of experience in the field of Construciton.

Duramax gutter team

How we do it

No Down Payment

We preach to our customers that we will not require a down payment until the job is COMPLETED. Duramax understands how many people do not have the money upfront and we do not want to wrong any of you. We will do our best to make sure the job is affordable so your home/building will look great. Duramax Construction & Roofing is not here to steal your money and run away without doing the job. We're here to honor our contract that you signed with us and intend on having a good relationship with you.

Minimize Time

Duramax Gutter Team are a very efficient team of professionals. They spend no longer than a day on your property working on the gutters. If we do estimate it to take any longer because of a larger building/home, then we will let you know ahead of time. The Duramax crew works quickly so were not at your home/building longer than we are needed. We understand that nobody likes to see construction and hearing all those noises longer than need be. Duramax is IN-N-OUT, in no time, with no questions asked. We clean up all the trash as well.

Check For Damage

Duramax Construction & Roofing will always check your gutters to make sure that your gutters are in fact damages. If you give us a call concerning your gutters, we will check them for FREE, there will no fee for determining if you need new gutters. Duramax is here to help you. Our professionals will run there hand along the bottom of the gutter and you will feel some dents underneath. If there is a ton pebbles from the shingles, that usually means you had some damage up top which is causing the pebbles to fall off.

Custom Gutters

Duramax Gutter Team has special machinery for gutters only and it gets the job done. We make them right there on the job site and do all the measuring ourselves. We order the guttering materials and run it through the machine so it matches and fits around the roof of your house/building. Duramax will help you decide which color looks best that matches your house/buildings roof. If you have a unique house/building, we may special order your gutters but most the time that will not be the case.



with our own machine

Duramax Gutter Team

Custom Gutters

  • We have all the equipment to make gutters

  • One Day job completion

  • Best pricing in Kansas

  • No money down

  • 5-Star Work